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Daily News Local

Local news focuses on events that take place in a community that is not of general interest to readers elsewhere. It typically covers topics that are not regional or national in scope and may include a variety of types of news such as politics, crime, traffic accidents, schools, and the weather. Unlike other forms of journalism, local news is not necessarily locally owned and operated and is often part of larger media conglomerates that sell or promote content to local markets.

Our global survey shows that local news is a top source of information across most countries, but people are increasingly turning to specialized websites and apps for specific services such as forecasting the weather or finding jobs. This is a big shift from our previous surveys when they were the primary sources of information for most local topics.

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  • Local News & Events

Research shows that strong local journalism creates social cohesion, encourages political participation and improves the efficiency and decision-making of local government. But the same business model that drove the industry toward collapse during the coronavirus pandemic has left start-up and legacy news organizations struggling to survive and serve their communities.

Amid declining advertising revenue, many local news organizations are exploring innovative models to connect with their audiences and grow their audience. These new models range from community workshops to social events that convene important discussions, to “listening sessions” where newsrooms invite public feedback on their work.

Organize and share an online list of contact information for reporters covering the topics or beats that are relevant to your event. This will make it easier for your audience to contact a reporter to learn more or ask questions.

Provide background information and expert quotes. Local reporters are always looking for sources to help contextualize larger national or regional stories. Did a big storm or a state budget announcement impact the people you serve? Do you have a unique perspective on a breaking national story that could be localized for your market?

Charity events are a natural fit for most local news outlets. Whether it’s a small shout-out for the local veterinarian who raises money for families with lost pets or an entire feature article about a woman who hosts a Christmas party for underprivileged children, local news loves to feature positive human interest stories.

Education events are also popular among local newsrooms. Often paired with elements of a conference or trade show, these events bring together leaders in industries that the newsroom covers. These events are perfect opportunities for you to share your expertise and position yourself as a trusted resource in the community.

  • Sports News

Sports news is a form of news coverage that covers current and/or upcoming sporting events and developments. Whether it be about a new team signing a star player or an exciting championship, these stories are sure to draw in sports fans and keep them interested in their favorite teams and players.

Sports journalists also have the unique challenge of reporting on the business side of sport and can be involved in investigating scandals that could impact a team or event. This can be a delicate area to work in as it is important that a journalist’s integrity remains unaffected by financial considerations, but the same rules apply as for other forms of journalism when it comes to maintaining objectivity.

Like any other type of journalist, a sports writer needs a good network of sources to find the best story ideas. These sources can include players, coaches and agents, as well as people working at Olympic or other sporting federations and local councils. They may also need to access confidential information from the police or other investigative bodies.

In the past, most newspapers would include a section dedicated to sports. This was usually found at the end of the paper and was largely a result of reader demand. This section would typically contain scores and standings for all major sports leagues, as well as upcoming matches and events.

Nowadays, sports news is easily available through a number of different platforms on both personal computers and smartphones. This has changed the mindset of sports lovers as they now have real-time news and updates at their fingertips.