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Speed Zones on Anzac Avenue to Change

Speed zones on Anzac Avenue will change as a result of the second round of the Queensland Government’s speed limit review.

Member for Murrumba, Mr Reg Gulley, said Anzac Avenue had been reviewed in the latest round and will now have a change in speed limit.

“The review highlighted a number of high crash intersections in the existing 80 km/h speed zone with most being rear end type crashes,” Mr Gully said.

“To reduce the number of speed zone changes along the road, (there are four), and help reduce crashes the existing 80 km/h zone between Mandin Street and 200 metres west of Wattle Road will be reduced from 80 km/h to 70 km/h.”

Mr Gulley said 42 Queensland roads were included in the latest round of results following the release of the first 20 in June.

“Results are based on public input, crash data, local knowledge and recent upgrades,” he said.

“One hundred roads and speed limits were shortlisted after the Queensland Government received 3300 submissions from the public.

“Motorists should be reminded not to use updated speed limits until the changes officially come into effect.

“The road signs are being updated progressively and are expected to be complete by late August.”

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Heed heart health warnings, women urged

Women are less likely to survive a heart attack or to receive the advice they need to avoid another one, but a new app aims to tip the balance back in their favour.

Each year 36,000 men and 19,000 women are admitted to hospital after a heart attack. Yet the annual death rate for men (4,700) and women (4,500) is almost the same.

In June this year, the Heart Foundation released the results of a survey of 504 heart attack survivors. It appeared to indicate that delays in treatment and lack of awareness could be partly to blame for the low survival rate among women.

The Heart Foundation’s women’s health spokesperson, Julie Anne Mitchell said the survey uncovered a number of key differences for women.

“Part of the reason women are less likely to survive is that they’re slower to recognise the warning signs of a heart attack, slower to seek help, and when they do get to hospital there is evidence to suggest they’re less likely to receive life saving treatment than men,” Ms Mitchell said.

The survey showed women often don’t experience the typical warning signs of a heart attack, with only 27 per cent identifying chest pain as first symptom, compared to 37 per cent of men.

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Mango Hill and North Lakes Environmental Group Update

This month's buhcare took place at Peron Crescent, North Lakes where we planted a few more trees to build up the corridor there.

For our next bushcare on Saturday August 9th we will be returning to the North Lakes Reserve to take advantage of the lack of mozzies! This is a great family activity and is open to all ages. You'll get to learn the native plants from the non natives and also help in rebuilding the native environment for the local wildlife.

I was very encouraged on a recent walk through the reserve to see a pair of Eastern Pale Faced Rosella's, a pair of spoonbill and a Koala with a joey in the pouch, if you think North Lakes is just a housing development think again! We've also noticed the Kangaroos are coming back into town again, particularly to the vacant lots north of Westfield's. Please be extra careful if driving around there especially around dawn and dusk when they are on the move.

I attended a meeting with the Moreton Bay Rail Link earlier this week. The rail work is currently ahead of time, 365 koalas have now been monitored, 138 of those have died, only one died of old age. A total of 70 have been taken by wild dogs which is far too many. The rail environment team along with the council environment team are looking to remove this threat. So far 13 wild dogs have been 'removed' and three foxes.

One interesting stat is that our region (Mango Hill) has the Koalas with the oldest average age at 6. Koalas in the wild should live to around 12 years old but most aren't getting the chance...

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Investment Properties for a Financial Future

Australian property investors continue to dominate the market, with the percentage of investors eclipsing 30 per cent.

According to new research conducted by Mortgage Choice, investors currently account for just over 30 per cent of all new loans written – significantly higher than the 27 per cent recorded just 12 months ago.

Mortgage Choice spokesperson Jessica Darnbrough said it is unsurprising to see a spike in investor activity as, according to the company’s latest First Time Investor survey, this type of buyer not only sees property as a lucrative investment, but as a way to future proof their wealth.

“In our recent First Time Investor survey we asked respondents what their key motivators were for buying an investment property and almost 79 per cent said they would purchase an investment property to set themselves up financially for the future,” Ms Darnbrough said.

“In addition, 58.4 per cent of investors said they see more benefit in investments such as property, than they do in the share market.”

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Motorists now paying more to use toll roads

Motorists have been paying more to travel on south east Queensland’s toll roads since the first of the month (Tuesday, July 1) according to the State’s peak motoring body. RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said most tolls increased, in line with inflation.

“This is a timely reminder for motorists to consider whether using a toll road is right for them,” Ms Smith said.

“With most tolls increasing by the Brisbane Consumer Price Index (CPI), motorists using toll roads need to weigh up travel time and convenience benefits by doing so.

“The Clem7 increase will be the second rise in six months. Previously annual toll increases for the tunnel were applied on 1 January.”

The toll for the Airportlink did not increase, following an increase on 17 April.

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School Dates and Holidays For 2014

Queensland state school students have returned for Term 1 on Tuesday 28 January, the day after the Australia Day public holiday.

Minister for Education, Training and Employment John-Paul Langbroek said teachers reported back on Thursday 23 January, with student-free staff development days for 23 and 24 January.

“I’m looking forward to another significant and exciting year for education in Queensland,” said Mr Langbroek.

He said a student-free day would fall in Term 4 on Monday 20 October, with three discretionary student-free days – which may be changed by individual schools – pencilled in for the start of the Easter break on 7-9 April.

“Last year the Government legislated the Labour Day public holiday would be marked on the first Monday in October, this year it falls on the 6th, with the Queen’s Birthday to be celebrated on 9 June in line with most other states and territories.”
“The class of 2014 will end for Year 12 students on Friday 21 November,” said Mr Langbroek.

“Years 10 and 11 finish their school year on Friday 28 November, with most other state schools breaking up on 12 December. Some regional and remote school finish on 5 December.”

Mr Langbroek said Independent schools and Catholic schools base their holidays on the state school dates but they can vary from school to school.

“I suggest the families of students who attend non-state schools, to please check with your particular school for attendance dates,” he said

“The Newman Government is working hard to revitalise front line education services so that Queensland continues to be a great state with great opportunities.

“I wish all staff and students across Queensland a very successful and safe school year in 2014.”

The 2014 state school calendar outlining term, holiday and staff development dates can be downloaded from

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