Easter on the Lawn

On Friday 11th April 2014 Sesame Lane Daycare North Lakes will team up with The Axis church and would like to invite the local community join them in an egg-cellent fundraising spectacular… Easter on the Lawn.

"As part of our fundraiser we are helping those less fortunate by collecting non perishable food to help families within our community so if you can help please make a donation to either at Sesame Lane Daycare or a collection box will be available on the day." Said Donna Hansford, Director of Sesame Lane North Lakes.

"Our Easter event will be held on the grounds between Sesame Lane and The Axis church starting from 5pm with face painting, balloons, fairy floss, animal petting zoo, bouncy castle, rides, fun Easter activities, sausage sizzle and Easter raffle."

"Also, we will have an art exhibition inside the Axis Church where we will be auctioning egg-quisite works of art created by the children from our centre starting from 5.00pm with a small admission fee of $1.00 per person. So please come join us and help raise funds. Raffle ticket can be purchased before the event at Sesame Lane or on the day of the event. We look forward to seeing you there."

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Kids Dig Food
New Regular Feature

Three Things Parents should never say at Dinnertime

Is your family dinner time a peaceful event of family togetherness or a battle zone? Your conversations at family mealtimes help to shape your kids’ experiences with food. Here are the top 3 things you should never say to your kids at dinnertime and why…

#1: You can’t leave the table till you eat everything on your plate
In my growing up years, this was often followed by “What about all the starving children in Africa?”

Why not? A quick question: How many of you were made to clean your plates and now frequently over-eat at restaurants where the serve sizes are enormous?

We want kids to recognise when they are hungry and when they are satisfied. Forcing kids to finish all the food on their plate teaches them ignore their internal cues of hunger and fullness and eat past the point of fullness. It teaches them to overeat which can lead to obesity.

Instead try reminding your child “We listen to our tummy and stop when it’s happy or full”. If they’re still intent on leaving the table without eating much, remind them when the next meal or snack will be and don’t give in to begging for food if they realise they’re hungry later. Kids don’t always get it right. Sometimes they will eat too much and other times not enough, but it is such an important skill to learn.

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Snakes Alive!

Last week we received a number of photos from readers of an interesting local act of nature.

Saturday March 1 at around 5pm on Bounty Boulevard, North Lakes, a snake was spotted in a tree devouring a what's thought to be possum.

Peter Williams said: "My name is Peter Williams (Home-scapes gardening & beyond). Just wanted to let you know that on Saturday evening around 5pm I stopped by the road in Bounty Boulevard, North Lakes to see a snake devouring a possum in a tree. I took 2 photos on my iphone and a brief video. The spectacle soon became a major attraction in North Lakes with a very large crowd gathering to witness the nature. Even more, that I posted the photo on Facebook to within 12hrs had over 6000 views/shares. I was unaware that it would cause so much interest but it is an amazing photo that took place in our 'backyard.' I thought you might be interested in the photo for the messenger. Please let me know if you are interested.

Another witness Theo Crawley said: "I received a call from my daughter, who suggested that I should walk quickly from my home in Lacebark street North Lakes to see a Python devouring an animal in Bounty Boulevard, just 2 minutes’ walk from my home at 5.25pm on Saturday the 1st March 2014.

I thought it might be have been a Tree Kangaroo, but haven’t seen anyone of authority to verify whether I am correct, but I think that’s what it is?

Click the snake icons below if you want to see:






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Ramp Up Your Fun

Moreton Bay Regional Council has ramped up the weekend fun with a range of free BMX, skateboarding and scooter clinics.

Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Allan Sutherland said the Ramp Up program is aimed at getting young people active and healthy.

“The program is designed to teach young people aged between five and 17 how to ride and perform tricks in a safe environment,” Mayor Sutherland said.

“Professional tutors will be on hand to provide tips to beginners and those who are more experienced.

“Skateboarding, scooter riding and freestyle BMX are an easy and fun way to stay fit and active.”

Ramp UP features more than 30 sessions from February to June, across 9 different skate parks in the region.

Bookings are not required.

Ramp Up is an initiative of Moreton Bay Regional Council in partnership with Freestyle BMX, Pro Scooter Lessons and Skateboarding Australia.

To find a session visit www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/rampup

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Coward Punch and Masculine Credentials
Alcohol not cause of coward punch

The need to prove 'masculine credentials' to other males is at the heart of unprovoked, one-punch street violence, and alcohol is a disinhibitor, not its cause, says a QUT justice researcher.

Professor Kerry Carrington from QUT's School of Justice, whose research on masculinity, violence and alcohol is recognised and awarded internationally, said a lack of positive male role models was a key contributor to random violence in men aged 18 to 25.

"Most young men don't go out and punch someone they don't know, even if they have been drinking, because they are civilized - they have learnt to engage in society civilly," Professor Carrington said.

"They have learnt from men who use their wit, skill, intelligence and reason to articulate their place in the world.

"The young men who commit these acts of totally irrational, unprovoked violence know no other way to express their masculinity when they feel contested or engaged in rivalry. Men who feel less powerful are more likely to express themselves through aggression.

"They feel all men are rivals. They lack self-control and emotional maturity so they seek to demonstrate their masculine credentials.

"Alcohol disinhibits the restraint they might normally have. That's why a lot of male-on-male violence occurs around pubs and licensed venues, but alcohol is not the cause.

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School Dates and Holidays For 2014

Queensland state school students have returned for Term 1 on Tuesday 28 January, the day after the Australia Day public holiday.

Minister for Education, Training and Employment John-Paul Langbroek said teachers reported back on Thursday 23 January, with student-free staff development days for 23 and 24 January.

“I’m looking forward to another significant and exciting year for education in Queensland,” said Mr Langbroek.

He said a student-free day would fall in Term 4 on Monday 20 October, with three discretionary student-free days – which may be changed by individual schools – pencilled in for the start of the Easter break on 7-9 April.

“Last year the Government legislated the Labour Day public holiday would be marked on the first Monday in October, this year it falls on the 6th, with the Queen’s Birthday to be celebrated on 9 June in line with most other states and territories.”
“The class of 2014 will end for Year 12 students on Friday 21 November,” said Mr Langbroek.

“Years 10 and 11 finish their school year on Friday 28 November, with most other state schools breaking up on 12 December. Some regional and remote school finish on 5 December.”

Mr Langbroek said Independent schools and Catholic schools base their holidays on the state school dates but they can vary from school to school.

“I suggest the families of students who attend non-state schools, to please check with your particular school for attendance dates,” he said

“The Newman Government is working hard to revitalise front line education services so that Queensland continues to be a great state with great opportunities.

“I wish all staff and students across Queensland a very successful and safe school year in 2014.”

The 2014 state school calendar outlining term, holiday and staff development dates can be downloaded from www.education.qld.gov.au/public_media/calendar/holidays.html

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