Fresh hair, fresh start

A Scarborough barbershop are taking their hotrod hair styles to the streets, providing 1000 free haircuts for Queenslanders in need

“Everyone likes to feel like they look good, but for a person experiencing homelessness a haircut can mean the difference between social isolation and inclusion,” Danielle said.

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Forget dieting!

Retrain your brain to beat stress and lose weight

A QUT neuroscientist internationally acclaimed for her research on alcohol and sugar addiction claims brainpower rather than willpower is the key to living healthily.

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E-cig use prompts cautionary warning

Use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) has increased rapidly worldwide in recent years, and while some experts suggest e-cigarettes can be used as a pathway to the reduction of tobacco smoking, others characterize them as undermining efforts to disparage tobacco use.

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Know your consumer rights

Did you score well at the sales or gave or received a Christmas gift that will need to be returned?

Queenslanders should know their rights when it comes to refunds and exchanges.

If you’re claiming a refund or replacement because the product was faulty, you don’t need the original packaging.

Remember that retailers aren’t legally obliged to exchange or refund items if you change your mind.

“No refunds on sale items” signs are illegal – if a product is faulty, damaged or dangerous you are entitled to a refund or a replacement.

Keep your receipts. Take a photo of your receipt or store it with the ‘Buy Smart’ app, available from the Office of Fair Trading website.

If you suspect any misleading price signage, report it to the Office of Fair Trading.

If you receive a gift card, set a reminder on your phone or calendar to remind you to use the card before it expires.

For more information on consumer and business rights and responsibilities, visit

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How to have an awesome Staycation

You've heard the buzzword but what does staycation actually mean and how can you pull one off successfully? Travel Writer Cei Creighton investigates this week.

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A Most Monarchal Moniker

The party's not over yet with the North South Arterial getting a new title that's fit for a Queen.

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Car Park Rage

Yep, it's a real thing, but Don't hulk out in the carpark this Christmas, find out how to keep your cool in this week's mag.

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Too much glass and not enough privacy

Too much glass and not enough privacy. Brisbane's new apartments under the microscope in this week's mag

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Messenger Colouring Comp 2016 winners

Our annual Kid's Christmas Colouring in Competition was more popular than ever this year, we recieved some many fantastic entries! Congratulations to all who took part.

The quality of entries so was so high this year that it was almost impossible to choose the winners in the three age-groups but in the end we chose these for their use of colour, material, skill and original ideas. Congratulations to:

Timoci aged 10
Chelsey aged 8
Max aged 4

If you didn't win, dont worry we have heaps more competitions coming in 2017. Merry Christmas!

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Auspost's Big Day Out

Australia Post had the biggest delivery day in the nation's history Monday December 12, with over two million parcels moving through the network.

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Holiday Happiness

Revamp your family holiday - no passport required

Having grown up in Canada, Christmas holidays were pretty much the stuff movies are made of… snow, streets lines with Christmas lights, skiing, skating on the lake, ridiculous amounts of food, equally ridiculous amounts of relatives visiting or to be visited, and eggnog. Then we moved to Australia and were COMPLETELY thrown with this Aussie summer Christmas! I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ ‘We aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto!’. That meant we had to rediscover what to do, where to go and even what to eat. I happily became addicted to mangoes that very first Christmas.

If your Christmas holidays need a revamp, or it’s just time to make a change from that two week stay at a unit on the coast or the Theme Park marathon, here are some slightly out of the box and off the beaten path ideas that will get everyone outside and active - no passport needed!

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