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How do two graphic designers from Brisbane find themselves collaborating with the world's largest furniture retailer to produce functional furniture art that's sold all around the world?

Kate and Joel Booy (of Strathpine and Ipswich respectively) studied design at Griffith Uni's College of Art before starting Studio Truly Truly in the Netherlands. To say Truly Truly make furniture would be almost fundamentally incorrect. IRL, the husband and wife team reconcile beautiful materials to create fascinating objects that function. They apply that artistic approach to furniture, textiles, lighting and more.
The duo was asked to deliver such an object for IKEA's designer PS 2017 range. IKEA's PS collections are designer endeavours that explore the future of design and the home through the eyes of progressive designers. For boutique outfits like Kate and Joel's Studio Truly Truly, the IKEA PS collaborations represent a professional experience on a scale that - quite literally - cannot be matched, exposing their products to a global audience that might otherwise be beyond their reach.
On this side of the counter, it gives people like you and me an opportunity to get our hands on thoughtful, forward thinking designer gear at IKEA prices.
Using the generously open brief, Kate and Joel created a rug and a cushion for the collection but it's the almost other-worldly steel framed sofa, lined with 18 small pillows that took our eye.
We had an opportunity to speak to them about it.

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North Lakes Vs Fitzgibbon Chase and Springfield Lakes

who's the best?

North Lakes Vs Fitzgibbon Chase and Springfield Lakes. Who will be crowned heavy weight champion in battle for best Master Planned Community when the three communities battle it out at the Property Council of Australia's Innovation and Excellence Awards.

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Working nine-to-five could detriment your wellbeing

If you work a nine-to-five day, a new study has found you could be working too many hours and putting your wellbeing at risk.

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Stay Cool in Heatwaves

The weather may have dropped to positively chilly 30 degrees, but that doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet. Heatwaves are the second most lethal major public health threat after pandemics. Find out the best ways to stay cool when it's hot

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Boosted First Home Owners Grant is Great...

But not great enough says REIQ

"No state in Australia offers a First Home Owners’ Grant for established housing." But does that mean we shouldn't? Heavyweights weigh in on the topic in our latest mag,

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Watch your weight by watching cooking shows

As celebrity cooking shows gear up for more rating wins in 2017, dietitians are encouraging us to buy into the hype, with Australian-first research showing they could be a powerful weapon in motivating people to eat more vegetables.

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The ladies in Black are back!

(and he's still a bastard)

With a dash of delicate comedy, Ladies in Black is a magical modern-day fairytale set in a stylish department store - F.G. Goodes - in a city on the cusp of becoming cosmopolitan: Sydney is crossing the threshold between the stuffy repression of the 1950s and the glorious liberation of the 1960s. Donning a distinguished black dress, the bright-eyed, bookish school leaver Lisa is about to join the ranks on the sales floor of the city’s most prestigious department store – temporarily, of course.

Her domineering dad intends to railroad her into a career as a secretary, but Lisa has grander schemes in mind. In that summer of innocence, a world of possibilities opens up as she befriends the unlucky Fay and the frustrated Patty. Then the exotic, compelling European refugee, Magda, mysterious mistress of the model gowns, takes Lisa under her wing. From the Christmas rush to the chaos of the sales, these women stand shoulder to padded shoulder and together learn lessons in life, love and longing – and at the end, it’s not just the fancy frocks that are forever altered.

If you missed it last time around, rejoice, because the Helpmann Award winning (and unreservedly Australian) musical Ladies in Black is back at QPAC's Playhouse till Feb 19. The encore season gives you another chance to catch this magical modern-day fairytale with a dash of delicate comedy, It's a Queensland Theatre production based on Madeleine St John’s novel, The Women in Black, with Music & Lyrics by Tim Finn. Tix via or phone: 136 246

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Moreton Bay Australia Day Awards 2017

The dedication, passion and achievements of residents across the Moreton Bay Region were recognised on Friday night, with Moreton Bay Regional Council’s 2017 Australia Day Awards


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State of Origin, the Musical (?)

Captained by Artie Beetson, in front of a capacity Lang Park crowd, the Maroons win the day (20-10) and legends are born

Do you like State of Origins AND musicals? We’ve got great news for you... If not, prepare to have your mind changed when the Home Ground season kicks off just in time for State of O this year.
Home Ground is the brain child of nationally acclaimed journo, author and Queensland identity Hugh Lunn. It’s a maroon festooned lampoon that just for us, Queenslanders.
Billed as a celebration of what it is to be a Queenslander – state pride, comradeship, strength, tenacity - it's a story of victory against the odds.
We might joke now about our eight-in-a-row winning streak, but it wasn’t always so. In fact, in the interstate series played before the State of Origin series as we know it now, we lost every year - for 21 long years.
Fed up by losing year-in year-out, one man embarks on a quest to restore state pride. His name is Ron McAuliffe and he did just that. It was a hard slog that took longer than everyone thought, but the history is plated in bronze. Greats such as Wally Lewis, Mal Meninga, Kerry Boustead, Chris Close and many others are portrayed in the production.
“My dream is to capture for all Queenslanders – for all time – how Ron McAuliffe brought our champions back to their Home Ground, and what it means to all of us today,” Hugh said.
In Home Ground, Hugh Lunn has done exactly that, in an unprecedented way. The musical production will introduce what’s sure to become a Queensland anthem in “We Bleed Maroon” a rousing fire-stoke of a number that will ring in your ears for days.
Home Ground kicks off on Friday June 23 at the Edmund Rice Performing Arts Complex near South Bank. Tickets start from just $50 and are on sale now at or by calling 07 3358 8600.
We’re going to bring you more on this, stay tuned.

Pictured: Chris White who plays young Wally with creator Hugh Lunn

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Centrelink debt Fiasco

What to do if you've been contacted

The government has a duty of care towards people who call on it for support, especially those on low incomes.

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Jamie's Ministry of Food

The Mobile Kitchen has arrived locally for the next leg of its ongoing Queensland tour.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen, the first of its kind, opened in Queensland in January 2012 and since then has been teaching Queenslanders how to cook from scratch using fresh food.

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Fresh hair, fresh start

A Scarborough barbershop are taking their hotrod hair styles to the streets, providing 1000 free haircuts for Queenslanders in need

“Everyone likes to feel like they look good, but for a person experiencing homelessness a haircut can mean the difference between social isolation and inclusion,” Danielle said.

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Forget dieting!

Retrain your brain to beat stress and lose weight

A QUT neuroscientist internationally acclaimed for her research on alcohol and sugar addiction claims brainpower rather than willpower is the key to living healthily.

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E-cig use prompts cautionary warning

Use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) has increased rapidly worldwide in recent years, and while some experts suggest e-cigarettes can be used as a pathway to the reduction of tobacco smoking, others characterize them as undermining efforts to disparage tobacco use.

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Know your consumer rights

Did you score well at the sales or gave or received a Christmas gift that will need to be returned?

Queenslanders should know their rights when it comes to refunds and exchanges.

If you’re claiming a refund or replacement because the product was faulty, you don’t need the original packaging.

Remember that retailers aren’t legally obliged to exchange or refund items if you change your mind.

“No refunds on sale items” signs are illegal – if a product is faulty, damaged or dangerous you are entitled to a refund or a replacement.

Keep your receipts. Take a photo of your receipt or store it with the ‘Buy Smart’ app, available from the Office of Fair Trading website.

If you suspect any misleading price signage, report it to the Office of Fair Trading.

If you receive a gift card, set a reminder on your phone or calendar to remind you to use the card before it expires.

For more information on consumer and business rights and responsibilities, visit

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How to have an awesome Staycation

You've heard the buzzword but what does staycation actually mean and how can you pull one off successfully? Travel Writer Cei Creighton investigates this week.

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